3 January 2010

Y1 D152 : Cooking ;)

Hi everyone!!

Hope your weekend went well..

A friend came from Melbourne..held a small makan2 at our small unit ;)

Here's what I managed to cook :)

Bubur jagung..err..x nampak jagung :P..top notch :p

Curry for curry mee ;)..fish ball terapung2 ;P


And quiche--rasa murtabak fusion pizza..hohoho :P

The dishes ;)

Life is so much bigger that PhD life..cherish and live every moment..

Somehow I have a feeling that I'll die at very young age..somehow I have the instinct..Maybe it's not a good thing when you know too much about science..


Happy birthday Abeyam!! He's already 31 and mature enough to be father of two lovely girls..I'm very proud of you akhi ;)


aShaBuLz said...

my my....delicious...i should join the eating festival too...u r a great chef eh sis!

well if u ask me about my cooking,it is a good thing if it turns out to be edible..lol.

Mohd Hisham Mohd Sharif said...

thanks inah, hope i'll join ur club of PhD very soon...just see the light at the end of the tunnel

Faisal Admar said...

oh my. will i get all these if i visit you there? :)

i haven't eaten lunch :(

catz said...

hi Inah,
wahhhh..very de meriah lah.
now u turned to be a very kretip and good chef..
grad karang, not only u get phd, but master in cooking too!
and i could see how interesting ur life will be in future..

Inah said...

ashabulz : hehehe..going to be a good cook one day :)..hopefully ;)

abeyam : hope u'll get there :)..

faisal : u'll get more than this ;)

catz : hahaha..tulah..very the meriah :P..heh..hope la my life will be interesting

f. said...

demm stylo gle murtabak 2 hahah