5 January 2010

Y1 D154 : Pondering

Hello everyone..how was your day?

Mine was hectic and tiring..

Started my day with a headache and thought that I don't want to go to lab..

But, I did went to the lab..

Had a meeting with SV - a loooong meeting - need to do something to my paper..Gosh

Knew that Woolies in the city will be closed til end of 2010 - my fav place to hang out is gone :(

A friend pay for my lunch..uuu..yummy lunch :)

Head back to the lab..continue lab work


Continue lab work til 9 pm..

What a life..

That's a schedule of a PhD student..how I miss my working life..

But I know, I'll miss my student life when I'm finished :)..one day..

Till then

Take Care!!


- Need to face criticism

- Need to work extra hard

- Need to smile more :)


dr itu! said...
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dr itu! said...

haha...same as me!! what a hectic day..no-no...what a hectic week...

kuliah 8-5pm...anat, physio,biochem,bla3...huhu..

then..xtvt after class...gym! workout!..hehehe

salam too you kak inah..

aShaBuLz said...

heh...we are in the same boat sis!

very chaotic start for me in 2010. heh...but as u say we need to smile more right =)

so stay strong sis!! stay focus and i just know u will succeed~


Inah said...

kimi : bese la kan..student life..hehehe ;)

ashabulz : hehe..yeah..need to smile :)

thanks dear..u too...stay strong and focus :)