6 January 2010

Y1 D155 : Flashback

Just want to do some flashback..perhaps it will help someone :)

1999 - I was in Form 5 Science - what I know is I really want to become a doctor..I really do..I was offered Matriculation KPM before I get my SPM result. I did not apply oversea just because my parents did not allow me too although my SPM result is really good..

2000 - I sit for matriculation exam..fill in IPTA form and asked for Medic UM, UKM and USM. Unfortunately, my pointer is not enough to secure places in these IPT. I was offered Medic by Mara (oversea) but again my parents did not allow me to go. I choose Biomedic for my degree just because I heard that when I finished Biomedic, I can go to Medic directly to third year. That is the reason. I did not know what is Biomedic or what's going to happen to me.

2001 - I got Biomedic UKM and I really enjoy studying. I love exams and I love teaching to my friend in my study group. I really enjoyed Pathology and managed to score straight A's for all my Pathology subject. I did got C for my Genetics and I really hate Genetics at that time because I can't understand the mechanism behind DNA, sequence, protein modification and etc. I swear I hated Genetics so much that I just memorize everything. Alhamdulillah, I got C and I don't have to repeat Genetics. I managed to score all other subjects and my pointer is not that bad.

2004 - People started to ask for jobs and I did not know what to do. one of the lecturer did approach me and asked me to work for him as Research Assistant. I said yes and that is my first job. My first pay is only RM 600 from MAKNA. Yeah..MAKNA is the one that pay for my employment. We got grant from MAKNA (National Cancer Council) and I did continue my masters by research. My dad is paying for my tuition fees at that time and up til now, I think I still owe him.

2006 - I applied for UKM tutorship. Rejected just because I'm not a First Class Student during my UnderGrads. I applied for SPA (Pegawai Sains)..went for lots of interviews..was insulted in some of the interviews because of my physical appearance (too fat)..sigh..typical Gov servant..what were they thinking..Gosh!! They were choosing people to work as Research Officer because of physical appearance? %$#^&!!. I did apply for tutorship in UPM, UIA and USM..went to all interviews and I got USM offer :). I did went to USM induction and I was supposed to be based in USM Kubang Kerian, teaching Pharmacology (something that I really love) :).

When UKM people knew that I got the job, they wouldnt let me go. My SV asked me to apply under different department and I got the job easily. So now, I got UKM and USM..due to various reasons..I choose UKM. Something you should know, I was asked to teach Genetics!! The thing that I really HATE during my UnderGrads!!

2007 - I was suppose to finish my Masters but I'm taking way too long. So many things happened..problems with method, problems with SV's and problems with external examiner. I did went to Adelaide just for fun and meeting with Michael (my SV now).

2008 - I managed to finish up my Masters. Convocation. Flew to Adelaide on 13/8/08. Started my journey as PhD student.

2009 - I was having so many breakdowns..lucky I do have close friends here that I can talk to..I know although I hate Genetics, I have to do this..Gosh..it is so hard when you don't really like that thing but you forced yourself to like and understand the subject. Soon, it becomes something really interesting ;)

2010 - The journey continues and I'll become more mature and wiser person..I do hope I will end this journey with something really sweet :)


Moral of the story :

1. We have our own plan but God will have the ultimate say

2. I do know why I can;t become a doctor..I'm too fragile and sensitive..although I have the passion of becoming one

3. Sometimes, things that you hated the most will always come back to haunt you..hahahah..for me..GENETICS!!

4. If you want success, reach for the stars :)

Nothing to impress or to be proud of..just something for me to remind myself and to tell others about my life story..life worked in complicated ways :)


Anonymous said...

who said my name in here.. huh?


Inah said...

eh eh..ade eh..haha :P..it will always haunt me :P

FakirFikir said...

1999 - form 5. Baru aku tau aku dah tua sangat. Finally, PhD is not only mix methods, but mix generation juga.

catz said...


tu lahhh..
ko pernah dgr tak inah, sellau org ckp.." eiii ko jgn benci sgt dgn sipolan-sipolan tuh...ko benci2 karangggg, dia jadik laki ko."
aku dulu tak caya gak..hahahah.
tapi banyak je yg dah terjadi..kihkihkih.
and it is not only for kawen je rupanya...
kdg bend yg kita benci/ tak suka itulah yg kita kena buat. kadang sebab no choice, or kdg terpaksa, or kdg sebab hati kita berubah jadi suka.
tapi tu lah...,apa yg terjadi, ada hikmah, ada sebabnya yg Tuhan dah lorongkan jalan itu utk kita.
benda yg kita rasa pahit, ada manis di sebaliknya..lambat laun kita akn nampak.
mana tau kan.. in future inah will be professor yg menang hadiah nobel in genetic field? who knows?
since ko dah study genetic kan..ada sorg profesor dari USM tu ckp.. gemuk adalah di sebabkan oleh genetic, dia kata if people boleh study pasal akar umbi genetic yg sebab kan gemuk tuh..and boleh bunuh gen kegemukan, org bolah kurus dgn mudah..eh..? ye ke??
and inah, mana tau ko akan jadi seorg founder for this matter.
aku relaaaaaaaa jadik tikus experimentnyaaaa...
aku nak kurusss..
btw..good luck!

CAHAYA said...

i'm with Catz. nak kurus gak. saya rela jadi tikus awak. ;)

Win said...

Salam Inah, wow genetics is a complicated subject, but so important yes?

DrSam said...

Nice wrap up of your life journey. Many ups and downs, of which others would have experience too.

Good luck in your endeavor for wisdom and also becoming a better person.

DrSam said...

he...he...genetics will haunt me for life as well :)

f. said...

wow..i wish i could bcome a successful person like u...

Inah said...

thanks everyone..just a story to share..

Unknown said...

inspiring..thanks ;)