27 January 2010

Y1 D175 : Little things can always make you happy

Hi all :)

How was your Wednesday?

Hope everything is fine as always..for me..rasanya hari ni Allah permudahkan banyak hal..alhamdulillah :)

Been receiving these postcards from Dubai..thanks dear!! rajin dia hantar poskad..really appreciate it..it really enlighten my day :)


Small things can make me happy..indeed..i feel appreciated :)

More Dubai postcards, raya cards and boarding pass :)

And last but not least..mini sheep from NZ :)


Entry x de maksud - just want to scribble something here :)

Nota I - 6/3 - 9/3 - Opera house..here we come ;)

Nota II - 8/4 - The Fray - here we come ;)


CAHAYA said...

awh, lil' things like this absolutely will gave me merry days!!

I seldom receive posto from friends nowadays. Kalau ada pun, wedding invitation.

DrSam said...

the thought that matter most!

zafi said...

salamz... gimme ur address n full name! nak postcard kan? :D

CATZ said...

teringin gak nak dpt poskad dari adelaide..
hehehhehe (ngadaa)