10 February 2010

Y1 D189 : I need to....

I need to repeat another 3 set of experiments

I need to practice on lymphocyte isolation, buccal isolation and BM-Cyt assay

I need to aliquot plasma for my human study

I need to write my paper - experimental

I need to write my review paper

I need to write my chapter thesis as well

I need to have a life too

Life can be so hard sometimes..but what to do..life has to go on and on..rasa mcm nak bungy jumping je bila tahu kena repeat experiment :|

*Please do pray for me..it's hard to keep the focus and motivation up and high all the time*

Hardworking mode activated!!


Faisal Admar said...

jeez! what happen to previous experiment?

IamYonna said...

akak,3 experiment???????? :o

good luck akak! u can do it

Inah said...

faisal : heh..nothing..just need to repeat the experiments

yonna : thanks adik yonna :)..need to remind myself to work harder each and every day :)

atengbest said...


azizi said...

ulang balik eksperimen mmg penat.
tambahan pulak bila dapat keputusan yg pada awalnya nampak betul tp rupa2nya fatamorgana.
..... kalau kena ulang balik pada sampel menggunakan manusia, lagi parah.....
tp, itulah, belajar dari kesilapan. :-)

Anonymous said...

good luck...itulah proses pengilmuan..

Anonymous said...

jangka hayat manusia purata 60tahun

1 hari - 12 tahun watch and learn

13tahun - 19tahun trial and error

20tahun - 30tahun trying to make things right

31tahun - 50tahun tempoh masa menuai hasil; this is the period of time when you know you must not stumble and fall

50tahun - 60tahun sit back and enjoy the rest of your life. Death is in the air.

The end.

But; some of us have to die young and may not be able to go through all that above.

so, live your life the best you could; failure and success are both in your hand. that's how it's should be. failure makes you better when you learn from it and that takes you closer to success.

that's all; just my nonsense rambling sebab malas nak update blog sendiri


Anonymous said...

wow byknyer nk kena settlekn..
all de best kak!

zafi said...

oh inah dear... dont give up!
have a great day ahead. apa pon mkn dulu k! :D

Jumper said...

...and you need to enjoy and have fun with all the things you need to do and re-do.
Guess what? It's an advice that I could use too since I have an endless list of must-do and must-complete things that it's just overwhelming and it's making me mentally jammed. So here I am reading people's blog and commenting like I have all the time of my life...
Cheer up :)