23 February 2010

Y1 D202 : Just wanna share

Hi all,

Lama sungguh tak menulis di sini..it's been more than 12 days :P

Anyway..how am I? I'm good..coping with hectic life nowadays..time..that is one of the thing that I need the most now..

Just wanna share with you movies that I have watched since last year

1) Watched My Name is Khan - not bad at all..a story about how westerners like to treat Muslim..first half is a bit racist but second half was much better..cried a lot actually :P

I gave 3/5 star

2) Valentine's day

A very light movie yet entertaining..I really like how they use bestfriend as main plot in this movie where Ashton Kutcher finally realize that Jennifer Garner (his bestfriend) is someone special for him..


3) The Others

I really like this movie!! Expect the unexpected :) 4.5/5

4) Tere Zameen Par

Ok..this movie..I cried watching it..why I keep crying when watching Hindi movies?? don't really have the answer for that :P 4/5

5) Julie and Julia

This is not bad at all..tells about life as a blogger..hahahaha..no wonder I like this movie :P 3/5

I'm getting lazy to write now..huhuh..what I can tell you that this is a very light movie..you can enjoy the movie without have to think too much :P 3/5

And this?..I watched it yesterday..a good movie..sigh..now I am so lazy..3/5

Last but not least..

Meet Nicolas (sebutan Nicola)..French guy..warm and nice..always having short term memory loss..hahaha..will be our travel partner starting this Friday :P..hope he will survive :)

Will put more picture of him after this :P..as if I update my blog so frequent..gosh..I don't have time for this..I dont have any time to kill now..life is so hectic


Nota I : Mum and dad will be leaving for Umrah next Monday..hope they will travel safe and come back safely

Nota II : More bad news, maybe I can't go back home for Raya this year..my human study is delayed due to low percentage of people that can be recruited

Nota III : I manage to walk from my house to the lab (6 km) and it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes..just like in google map (it's an accomplishment for me)


FakirFikir said...

Patut study fasal wayang! baru tak stress.

Inah said...

hah..ade kawan study phd psl wayang..stress jugak..

asal buat phd..sure ade stress..korelasi yg signifikan :)

aShaBuLz said...

wow...been watching a lot of movies eh...hehe. good for you sis...kinda helps relaxing your mind ya..