9 May 2010

Y1 D276 : Happy Mother's day

Hi everyone!!

Happy mother's day to all mums..and especially to my mum :)

She can be very fussy, perfectionist, formal, not that sporting, nags all the time, she can be the worst nightmare in my life and of course my siblings too..I guess, I can list all the bad things but I can also list all the good things..carrying me for 9 months, stay up with me when I need to study for my PMR and SPM, she is there when I'm admitted in Pantai Kelang Medical Centre, she is there to cook for me when I'm busy, she fold my cloth every time, she clean up my mess, she is one of a kind..

As easy as I can list..I have this problem, I can't say out loud how much I loved her and how much I missed her..I can't say it face to face..one of my weakness is to say something out loud..to confess my feelings and to show my love..sigh..


Go and hug your mum now while you still can :)


random pics :)

@ Moonta Bay

Pin wheel pizza..easyy!!

Before bake :)

@ Moonta Bay again

Have a great Monday peeps!! :)


Anonymous said...

selamat hari ibu..kasih ibu membawa ke syurga..

sepul said...

wey sedapnye pizza itew

kucingorengemok said...

a hug is as good as saying 'i love u', i guess :)

Dr Singa said...

no gambar 'after...'
sbb dah licin??
have a good wiken down there!!

IamYonna said...

sama lah akak T__T tak reti nak ckp i love you hari2 ke apa. kalau ada pun dlm sms je. tak reti nak peluk cium T________________T


tapi siapa tak sayang mak kan? :)

Zulkifli Brawi said...

wah..sedap nya..sik ngajak pun..btw,happy mother's day as well..:)

Faisal Admar said...

gime some pizza will u?