11 June 2010

Y1 D300 - Quick update

Hi everyone!!

How was life? Hope you do fine :)

Life for me is busy..labwork and travel and conference :)

Short update :

Personal life

- pindah rumah esok!!
- diagnosed with a disease - expected as I can say - hope I will be strong enough to tackle this disease..
- changing lifestyle habit - hard but I have to deal with it

Lab & Work

- just presented at local conference in Australian Science Medical Research conference
- will be presenting @ Nutrigenomics conference in July @ Adelaide
- going to present @ another Nutrigenomics conference in November
- paper got rejected but SV said don't give up..he thinks that it is a very good paper ..legaa :)
- writing lit review - kena gandakan usaha!!
- lab was good..smooth sailing..alhamdulillah :)
- busy as always but somehow I liked it :)
- new guy in our lab - I like to tease him :)


- Tasmania, Perth, Indonesia, Taman Permata :)
- Melbourne (done), Adelaide (done), Sydney (done)


- life ok je..I enjoyed every bit and pieces of it :)

Tasmanian devil

Moonta bay

Till then..have a good weekend :)

P/s : Esok nak beli corelle..sekarang ni stocktake sale kat Aussie..semua barang 50-70% off..especially kitchen equipment..yahoooooo :P

P/s II : It took me 20 minutes just to write this entry..sigh..

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