18 July 2010

Y1 D337 : Time flies

Hi everyone..

It's already July..woww..how quick time flies :)

Adelaide's weather is becoming worst day by day..raining plus strong wind..sigh..it's such a big challenge to go to school early in the morning these days..

Next month will be my official third year..I can see the end of the journey now..although it will took a lot of time..tried to imagine my publications and completing every experiments at least before February 2011..yeay for me :)

Life is hard..getting harder day by day..personal problems, stress at work, sometimes i do feel a bit lonely..i guess living far from your comfort zone is really teaching you valuable life lesson.

Another 3 weeks before fasting month and this is my third time fasting here in Adelaide..well, not bad as we are going to fast during winter.. pity for those who will fast during summer time..

Well, nothing much to report..nothing exciting happened..just normal lab rat routine..

Monday - 7am-10pm - Volunteer + Lab
Tuesday - 7am-10pm - Volunteer + Lab
Wednesday - 7am - 7pm - Writing day + Lab
Thursday -  7 am-7pm - Lab
Friday - 7am-7pm - Weekly meeting + Lab
Saturday - Freeeee..lab/movies/social life
Sunday - 10 am-5pm - Lab


Some picture to end my post..

Yummilicious brownies that I manage to bake last 2 weeks :P (Credit to K Awan for the pic)

Playing dodgem cars with lab mates on our Lab Big Day Out

And going to miss this guy..he is leaving this Friday..hopefully I can visit him one day in France :)

Till then,

Take care


1 comment:

Nor Ramli said...

good for you sis..as for me..still cant see clearly the end of this journey...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa