12 September 2010

Y2 D28 : Eid Mubarak

Hi everyone!!

Perjalanan balik was really tiring..flight from Adelaide to Perth and Perth to KL. We managed to go to several places in Perth..King's Park, Swan bell, Harbour town, Fremantle..overall? Perth is so and so for me..just like Adelaide..nothing much to see and do. Well, I might be bias here just because I spent only one day in Perth. Perhaps, others will like Perth. So..Melbourne (checked), Sydney (checked), Adelaide (checked), Perth (checked), Tasmania (checked), New Zealand (checked)..hope that I can go to Brisbane and Gold Coast before I leave Adelaide.

How was life? Mine was so and so..fun but i'm down with flu..wth..raya2 pulak demam..aiseh :)..just got back from my aunt's house and asked her to find me someone..My mum also started to introduce me with her friend's son..me? I have someone in mind..but I'm not sure whether he is really serious with me or not..I guess when the time comes, we will know..right? but I do know that I think I'm so ready to get married and settle down by next year :)..Lots of major plan next year..we'll see how it goes :)..my best friend also getting married..OMG..I guess I have to miss her wedding in January 2011.

Oh yes..I have another major aim by next year..I want to challenge myself to do something..perhaps it is for my own good :)..

We'll see..it's always good to know that you are surrounded by people who loved you..thanks to all that enlightened my day :)

Another 8 days to go to rejuvenate myself...errrr..I should write a review paper actually..I guess that can be done when I'm in Adelaide :P

Plan for tomorrow?

Low yat..Sg Wang, Times Square..here we come!! :)

Ohh..before that..eid mubarak everyone!! Pics will be uploaded when I'm back in Adelaide..I have to struggle to get used to slower internet connection here..sigh..

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