25 September 2010

Y2 D41 : Early birthday wish

Birthday is next week..labmates already asked me what do I want..they really want to give something for me..

I want..I want..I want...

My PhD to be smooth sailing..so do u wanna help to write up my thesis?

Next thing in my mind is..

something practical..something that I can use..hmmm..movie ticket for eat, pray, love perhaps :)..naaah..i hope for wellness and great life and a good companion as well..

My ex-boss is in this vid clip..


Owh..I'm feeling a bit tired..manage to do open house today..housemate and me cooked mee bandung, masak lemak cili padi ayam, sambal belacan, ulaman, kek batik and penat cantas2 rumput, garden etc etc..


Sometimes I do feel a bit awkward to tell everything in this blog..like arguments with mum, my love and hate relationship with sv, my love story, my loneliness, my sorrow..sigh..thought of privatising this blog tonight..just because i want to let everything out..but i promise to myself..this blog will be my PhD diary..what did I do in the past, what did I accomplish, what happened in Adelaide etc etc..

So here I am..being hypocrit..I am feeling a bit sad today but need to keep holding on..


Feels wanna scream out loud..or send a message in a bottle..yeap..maybe i'll do that tomorrow..go to the nearest sea and write up my problem, put it in a bottle and let it away..

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aShaBuLz said...

hohoho..need to be down no more sis.

i have arrived!!!

hahaha....well dunno if i can be any help or not but at least i hope for u to smile when reading this comment.

hahaha... =)