2 January 2011

Y2 D143 : Hello 2011

Hi all!!

How was life? Mine was good..trying to cope with the weather..arggh..I hate summer..hope this will be my last summer here *winks*

Just got back from Melbourne for Boxing day trip..watched New Year fireworks over the beach and celebrated new year with food invention - pau, keropok lekor, choc chip cookies, mee hailam, ayam lada hitam, nasi kacang pis..now that's what we call as food for life..haha

Anyway, hope I can achieve my new year resolution - finish my PhD strong, serious with the gym and enjoy life as much as I can, and of course be a good servant for HIM (tingkatkan amalan baca Quran..haishh..peringatan utk diri sendiri ni)

2010? Not too bad..like a roller coaster ride..full of ups and downs..well, that's what we call life. Hope 2011 will be a better year for me..InsyaAllah :)

Enjoy the pics..

 @ St Kilda, Melbourne

 @ Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

 @ 12 apostles, Melbourne

 Boxing day - Corelle, Visions (not all mine)

 @ Warnambool, Melbourne

 @ Great Ocean Road

@ St Kilda, Melbourne

2011 ~ bring it on!!