18 January 2011

Y2 D159 : Stress management

Hey everyone!!

What's up? How was life? Mine was hectic..too many things to do at the moment..lab work, papers, abstract, data analysis..and the list will go on and on and on..feel a bit depressed and stress out yesterday..looking at the workload..I might need to apply for extension..sigh

Going to the gym is how I stress-free myself..doing kickbox, combat, attack and pump makes me stronger day by day..I noticed my stamina is better now :)

Anyway, hope I will finish this journey strong and with satisfaction. Gambate!!

Kan best kalu otak boleh rehat2 mcm nii..the beauty of doing nothing (Eat pray love 2010)


Fatt said...

just take ur own sweet time..jgn rushing, nanti the outcome tak puas hati kene re-do balik semula..all the best! :)

Inah said...

heh..thanks fatt :) maybe i can join u in one of your 2012 travels :)

aShaBuLz said...

going to the gym eh? hurm...nice one sis. rasanya nak ikut footstep akak la. kinda stress lately. huhu~ u take care over there k sis. ganbate ne!!

Inah said...

heh..kalo x g gym pun x pe..g jogging petang2 :)

sama2 kita ganbate ne!!

eqbalzack said...

abg eq kalau stress tido atau masuk dapur masak. lepas tu mkn sorang2..hehe

Inah said...

heh..saya x leh makan byk skrg..on diet :D..x pe..g gym pun layan jek :)