12 June 2009

Day 299 : It's already Friday

Morning readers!!

Arrived in the office quite early today..lots of things to do..lots of experiment to settle..

Someone said to me :

Berubah dari kehidupan yang selesa adalah amat mencabar..thats the truth now..dulu kat Malaysia, i have my own car..senang bergerak ke mana2..balik lambat dari lab..lapar?? no problem..tempat2 makan dekat jek..kawan2? ramai..depa sume memahami kerja lab..stress bila buat lab?? menangis pada kawan lab..kat sini, bila nangis, depa cakap emosional..bila nak pergi lab jauh2..kena tunggu bas..perjalanan yang memenatkan..lapar?? coklat je jadi makanan rutin..nak solat?? alahai..kena solat kat tangga, bilik mikroskop, bilik stor :(

Sometimes, I wonder why I choose this path. Perhaps it's all written already.


A bit stressed actually. TIPU. Stress banyak :(


DrSam said...

the end result will make all the difficult journey a worth one. Just persevere.

Jumper said...

We have a higher chance to produce the best possible results when we are out of our comfort zone. The stress is one of the elements that push our limit to achieve greater success. Having said this, you ought to know by now that you're dressing yourself for success! So cheer up!

CAHAYA said...

It feels nice when we're at our comfort zone, but seriously it's not healthy at all. We tend to overly satisfied over something that we shouldn't.

Go out from the comfort zone is the best. So you'll explore, venture and look for more better opportunities. Whatever you doing right now, believe me, somewhere along the line, you'll know it's worth it. :)

Inah said...

dr sam : yeah..persistence is the key word :)

jumper : thanks for your wise words :)..appreciate it :)

cahaya : what i'm doing now is totally out from my comfort zone..from a girl who used to live with her family to someone independent in a foreign land..

i know it's worth it..sometimes i just feel want to give up the whole thing but i know i cant..

thanks for your comment cahaya..appreciate it :)