14 June 2009

Day 301 : Happy Father's Day

Hi readers :)

How was your Sunday?? Today is second Sunday in June..and guess what..It's Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to my dad..Farid..if you're reading this, please tell this to Daddy :)

He was the hero in my life. He's very calm in certain things but not during driving :P. He's very serious when he's working (note : He used to teach me Science in Form 3 - yeap..he's my teacher) but he can be really funny during family dinner. He loves his family a lot and I love him more.

To my dad..thank you for everything. I know your sacrifice since you were young. You sacrifice your future for you children..you didnt pursue your Masters because of us. You didnt go to any vacation nor holiday to save money for our education. You are who you are and I wouldnt change anything. You teach us with strong islamic value and I really appreciate that. I dont always see you cry but you almost cry during my convocation (Degree and Masters), you cried when you're sick, you cried when you lose your mum and dad. Your tears is my strength. My inner strength to excel in anything that i do so that I wont make you cry. You are the one and only. Cikgu Sharif.

I will make you proud..I will become a Dr..that is my promise to you.


Nota I : He usually will end our telephone conversation with a doa and salam

Nota II : His voice is really soothing..He always make jokes and make sure I laugh during our phone conversation

Nota III : He is my dad and I'm proud of it. Thanks for everything. Jazakallahu khairan kathira.


f. said...

hahaha.if only dadi could read this blog..

CAHAYA said...

Err, for second I thought I missed this year Father's Day. Now I realized you're in Australia. And they celebrates it earlier than Malaysia.

Kinda confusing. But Alhamdulillah tak miss.

Inah said...

farid : hehehe..show him laaa :)

cahaya : :)..u wanna celebrate? make sure bring ur dad to his fav place :)

shahril aley said...

hepi belated father's day