2 July 2011

Y2 D302 : Magic for weight loss

I just love this entry! 110% agree with what she said..to lose weight, its not easy..not as easy as wearing corset..eating magic diet pills, and those claims made by the MLM people..gosh..I wish they can understand the science behind losing weight..

Click to this link http://salam2benua.blogspot.com/2011/07/longwinded-entry-read-only-if-you-have.html

Simple rule : calories in = calories out

32 kg weight loss so far and almost free from Diabetes..I guess well done to me!


shahril aley said...

congrats & keep up ur good work :)

CAHAYA said...

Well done babe. Salam Ramadhan to u. :)

aShaBuLz said...

its been quite some time sis. hehe...anyway keep up with your diet program k. looking forward for your new entry. huhu~

Daeng on duty said...

Salam, kalau nak cuci-cuci mata jemputla jenguk-jenguk blog saya ada long sleeve maxidress & jubah cotton denim yang stylish leh pakai g pejabat, kuliah, atau jalan2 saje.


Tq ye:)