23 December 2008

Day 130: OPOCOT!!

Happy Tuesday to all :)

Just a short update!!

This happened few weeks ago

Place : In the lab

People involved : Me and the Research Officer :)

What happened?

Well, as I'm going to setup my experiment, I've accidentally drop the pipettor and automatically the word OPOCOT comes out..

Here's the conversation


Research Officer (RO) : *Calling my name*..dont swear in the lab..it's not good!!

Me : errr.. OPOCOT is not swearing..OPOCOT is some word we use in Malay language

RO: Oh really?? I thought you're swearing..It's not good you know..I really thought it's the same with the word F*** UP ..

Me: Noooo..definitely not (laughing out loud)

Then..we continue working :P


So..what is swearing??

Swearing is a way of speaking that some peple use to express their feelings of anger, annoyance and frustrations or when they want to hurt someone else's feelings. Sometimes people swear because they think it is smart or funny.

Swear words can be: feelings
* slang words used to describe something a person is too embarrassed to talk about
* racist or sexist words used to hurt someone's feelings
* words used to criticise or put someone down
* words that are blasphemous [say blass-fee-mus] which means words that are about someone's god or religion being used as swear words.

Ref : http://www.cyh.com/HealthTopics

I reckon swearing is not good at all. When you're angry or you're frustrated, it's better to let it out in other way. Swearing can be a habit and eventually people tend to assume it as normal in such a conversation. I reckon swearing will eventually show how you are and you're dignity and integrity. Civilized people don't really swear..they find other way to express their feelings.

To my readers..think before you talk or type something. It may affect your dignity. Wise people don't have to be intelligent. They have to learn to think before any of their action. Wise people also don't talk a lot, they walk the talk.

~Just my two cents. Different people have different opinion. Apologize to anyone offended with this entry~


Happy Birthday to my lil bro!!..you deserve an Ipod from your sis!! 4 flat? Gosh..you're so way better than me and other bro :)

Notakaki: I reckon 2008 is like a rollercoaster ride..there's thrill, frustration and of course excitement. I shall document what happened to me in 2008.


Anonymous said...

haha!...lepas ni popular la OPOCOT kat Adelaide..

fisol-shiny happy people

sepul said...


Rush Murad said...

opocot tu apa? macam cakap jawa jekkk.... opo (apa) chot (ntah?).... ahhahahah

laki cikgu kimia said...

opocot kao?

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

He got 4 flat?? Wahaa... My congrats to him! *nak kasi ipod sendiri pun takde duit lagi. Hehe*

Kak Inah, popularkan la melatah yang lain plak. Macam 'Oo mak kau'.

@xiM said...

some thought to share...i like to read this..:)