25 January 2009

Day 162 : Bitter

Hi..again..i dont reckon anybody will find this blog but I'm wrong..Ms B is the first one landed in :)

Changes for a better future i guess :). Having some problems in friendship and I guess hiding is the best option now. I don't reckon there will be so many readers that will read my blog..it's just my babblings and my ramblings.

Through the blog I found friends, who I think I care so much but in the end I feel my presence is not that important anymore.

I try to treasure friendship as I think I love having friends. Stories to tell, laughter and sadness to share..

But unfortunately.. I'm wrong.

Sorry for being emotional lately.

Inah..promise to urself..focus!!


shahril aley said...
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azizi said...

people come and go.
just treasure for what you have.