8 February 2009

Day 176 : Upin n Ipin

Iklan ini tidak berbayar

I'm in love with 3D movies (Pixar animated) and if its from Malaysia..i doubt it..but i do feel this movie will be a blockbuster..hopefully :)

Go and watch people!! support our local cinema scene :)

Manage to cook nasi tomato, ayam masak merah n kurma daging..wowweeee..and now, how am i going to lose weight :P


Happy Birthday in advance to Faisal :)

Enjoy ur birthday celeb :)

1 comment:

Faisal Admar said...

hehe thanks for the wish inah! and i smiled to sleep after the wish :)

nasi tomato is my favorite! ayam masak merah... and kurma daging... yums!