9 February 2009

Day 177 : Monday plan

It's Monday!!

And its public holiday in Malaysia today :)

Well..list of things to do for today!!

- Woman and Children's Hospital
- Letter about postponed date of ethics submission
- Post office
- Bank SA
- Analyze Data
- K-mart
- Abstract to ICN 09
- Reception CHN - Taxi to QEH

Malam ni ada Biggest Loser and Desperate Housewives!! yippieee :)


- Yesterday, two of my friends left Adelaide for good..they finished already their bachelor and masters degree..hope in 3 years time, I'll be the same too!!

- Friends for me are like our family. Jatuh bangun kita semua kawan2 yang support. Percayalah..PhD bukan sebarangan..you wont feel the pain unless you put myself in my shoes :)

- Do you know that taking supplements is not advisable unless you are diagnosed as deficient in certain micronutrients :)..do take fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meal :)

Entry ni agak cacamarba..hehehe..lots of things in mind I guess :)

Enjoy your Monday people!!

1 comment:

mazddaud said...

comelnye koala bear tu....saya pernah tengok koala bear kat taronga zoo, sydney....comel tapi busuk la....hehehehe