1 March 2009

Day 196 : Home Alone

Hello readers

It's 1st of March and I'm going to be all alone till April. Hope everything will be fine.

How am I?

I'm doing good. Lots of work to do..i mean lab work, experiments, review writing, etc. Sometimes, I missed my job in UKM, I missed my leisure time during the weekend..watching movies, cooking with mum, having dinner with friends..sounds so emotional right? But you have to do what you have to do :)


Like my dad always said : You have to do what you have to do :)

Another 2 months before I can have my self declared break. I'll be fine..hopefully :).

Things to settled before holiday break :

1. Cytokinesis Block Micronucleus Assay (9 days)
2. CBMN assay + hydrogen peroxide
3. CBMN assay + radiation
4. Comet assay (9 days)
5. Comet assay + hydrogen peroxide
6. Comet assay + radiation
7. Review Paper
8. Lab Book - update
9. Progress Report

Wowweeee..no wonder people call me as lab rat/lab junkie/lab person/busiest person in adelaide :P

Note I : People can know I'm thinking all the time, if I have my silent moment and I stare blankly at you..I'm thinking actually :)

Note II : I'm thinking a lot currently :)

Have a great Sunday people!! :). Enjoy your leisure time :)

Listen to Poker Face - Lady Gaga :)


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Oh. Dah mula tinggal sorang ye Kak Inah. No worries. You'll survive. Hehe. Your 1st note suits me 100%!! Saya pun macam gitu la.

Inah said...

:D..tulah dah tinggal seorang..dia balik sini 4/4..adooi..kena keep my sanity nih :P

Anonymous said...

sana ada hantu tak?


just kidding :P

Inah said...

err..saje la tuh..nk kena belasah ni :P

laki cikgu kimia said...

hantu ozi ni lain macam sikit wuwuu

Jumper said...

I just discover the universal power that conspires and links to the outward intentions one would express. This is similar to what the book Secret advocates. Personally, I have experienced that what I mention in the blog have better chance to get done. I'm sure your to-do list, including that peculiar comet assay can be considered settled in time.
Have sweet solitary moments throughout March.

Inah said...

chi am : nyesal aku tgk kekasih ku seru semalam :(

jumper : the book!! that's my wishlist after this :)

comet assay..unique name to resemble unique image..i wish i can see one shooting star before i die :)