18 March 2009

Day 213 : The girl with the green scarf

People always learned from mistakes

Including me


More work and experiments need to be completed before May


Managed to watch Confession of a Shopaholic today. It was hillarious :D. A must to watch!!! 4 stars :)

Nota I : I'm not this type of girl - I don't go for branded stuff and I don't really bought a special bag to match a shirt or shoes :P

Nota II : The designer of this movie is the same in Sex in the City the Movie. Glamorous!!


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Nota I - Saya pun begitu juga =)
Nota saya sendiri - Siang tadi saya berskarf peach. =p

atengbest said...

Nota 1- Saya kadang gila shoping gak. Sebagai terapi utk diri sendiri... huhuhuh... caya tak?

Inah said...

hehehe..sarah ni comel la :D

ateng : aku percaya je :)