19 March 2009

Day 214 : Accident

Sakit di kepala masih belum surut kesan hentakan semalam. Bengkak. Berdenyut-denyut. Harap tiada kesan lain pada otak dan tengkorak.

Rasanya banyak juga dosa kecil terhapus..sakit dari semalam masih tak reda dan malam ni makin berdenyut-denyut.

Sigh. Kalau mak ade, sure mak akan urut kepala and tuam dengan air panas.


Nota I : If you dont feel like reading my life journal then don't do it

Nota II : If you think I dont have a life..and maybe you can go and get a life rather than reading my craps


Ms B said...

oh dear. what happened? a car or bed accident? who knows just in case u had a bad dream and accidently fell off the bed. *smiles*

keep well now. get a bucket of ice cream.

Inah said...

bed accident :P..it was too dark and i hit myself..hit very hard until i feel very dizzy and had to rest for a while before i can stand up

ice cream?? *rolling eyes* :P

atengbest said...

ayooo cik inah....
orang start kempen earth hour 28 ni la... =p

btw, dah okay ke?

Win said...

Salam and Hi Inah..blogged hopped from azizi's...hope you get well soon Insyaallah - kak win

Inah said...

ateng : masih ade sedikit pening2 lalat ;)

kak win : salam kembali kak win :)..thanks kak win :)

Jumper said...

Hopefully the benjol subsides and there's no loss in your memory bank. Consider a helmet if you think it might happen again.

Pheww...I dah siapkan tugasan tag you. It has been years since I last did an assignment given by a lecturer....