21 March 2009

Day 216 : Something I Hate

I discover something about myself today

- I hate sending someone at the airport
- I hate to say goodbye
- I hate being alone

Pic taken from the internet - you can see Adelaide airport on your left :)


Nota I : Adelaide airport is 20 minutes only by bus from the city ;)..very convenient :)

Nota II : Students can bring maximum up to 30 kg as checked in bags and 7 kg hand luggage :)

Nota III : Thanks to my dear friend who called early in the morning..you really make my day :)..loved ya!!


[danial][ma] said...

hej! Inah...

- I don't hate sending someone at the airport
- I don't hate to say goodbye
- I don't hate being alone


Inah said...

hayyahh..then can say goodbye to Mr Ted?? :P

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Inah...whhhooopsss...not my dearest ted...hehehehe...

Inah said...

hehehee..baru ingat nak culik ted :P