17 April 2009

Day 243 : Forbidden love

Hello readers!!

It's Friday and I'm going to spend my weekend in the lab again..well, counting the days now ;)

Actually, wanna share with you something. I have crush with this guy working in different lab. My friend said he looked like he's married already, but there's no ring at all. I enjoyed talking to him and everytime I see him, I feel wanna hug him..hahahaha :P. He's so damn cute and huggable :D.

But, in the end, it's forbidden love.

Wanna know why??


A. Another girl was eyeing at him too
B. He's married but he dont wear his ring
C. Different religion
D. He's a causasian

Oh well..there goes my crush :(. I really do like him. I do.


Nota I : I'm getting tired mentally and physically

Nota II : I really want a boyfriend. God, please help. Sometimes I feel very lonely.

Nota III : When I feel lonely, I started to miss my ex..and it's not supposed to be.

Nota IV : I loved Susan Boyle!! Who is she?? well, enough said I got goosebumps when I listen to her..

This is her in Britain's Got Talent

To listen

Click here

Seriously amazing for 47 year old lady from a village..


Sweet Thinker said...

hoh. apekah. bese la laki xpki cincin. ckp la dgn cinta d hati. agak2 bila kita leh kapel. hehe!

ST - http://globe.thinker.my/

Jumper said...

About the guy who sent you the email and left you clueless, I think he's genuine. Sorry lah terlambat baca your previous entry. All I want to say, ill-intended person normally won't reveal their full name. Now that you have the name, find out lah. Work out all your search engines....If it's a real case, I'm happy for you in advance...