19 April 2009

Day 245 : DNA damage in my blood ?

Currently i'm addicted to numbers..that explained my A1 in Additional Maths in SPM. Goshh..how I missed solving equations. The best topic? of course pembezaan dan pengamiran ;)


Another 10 days to go..


Tomorrow will donate blood for an experiment, well..actually to know whether my blood have any DNA damage or not..wanna try? donate your blood here :)

Well, I do know I am a thalassemia carrier..means if I wanna get married, I have to ask my future husband to screen his blood first.

What is thalassemia?

Go and google :)

Nota I : Seronok juga melayan cerita korea :P

Nota II : Seronok juga memasak tanpa minyak :)

Nota III : Lebih seronok jika bersama keluarga..apakan daya..u have to do what u have to do :)

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