23 April 2009

Day 249 : Wet Thursday

Hello readers!!

Finishing up my experiments, analysing data and discussion with other postgrad explained my absence in this blogspot. Going to have a big meeting next week so I have to prepare myself.


It's a wet Thursday..raining like cats and dogs from mid day til now..well, i do like the smell of the rain. Somehow it reminds me of Malaysia where we can get plenty of rain everyday.

In front of my house

Anzac Highway


Autumn is here and winter is coming!!


Nota I : Sejuk2 ni sedap tdo!!

Nota II : Bila dah bangun tdo rasa lapar pulak

Nota III : Cepat lapar?? Simptom biasa di musim sejuk :D


DrSam said...

memang betul. Bila sejuk, dan kat luar dah gelap (walaupun waktu masih awal), perut jadi psiko, terus berdondang sayang.

Good luck in you upcoming big meeting!

Inah said...

hehehe..thanks doc!! :)

mr. hafis said...

teringin untuk merasa winter.

when it'll be side of me?

Inah said...

:)..when you come here :)