14 May 2009

Day 270 : Something to ponder

Good morning all!!

I never know friendship will be something a bit sour and sweet, how much it will affect your life and how much you can be so stressed about it. I never know till yesterday.

I'm crying endlessly for 4 hours and I guess that is what they want it to be. Am I emotional? Yes I am. Am I a bit down for whatever happened? Yes I am. Am I fragile? Yes I am. Looking back, I thought they know me, somehow I think they don't.

This trip will be something to remember. Lots of emotions : happy, sad, envy, mad etc. Something to ponder about when I got back to Adelaide.


Note I : I know my camera is a lousy one..perhaps I cant afford to have a new one. But the image for the previous entry is from my lousy and cheap camera

Note II : I'm not a rich girl. I'm just an average girl that will need to use some more money for her other trip to Melbourne and NZ..perhaps that is why I cant afford to stay in 5 star hotel.

Note III : Call me sick, pathetic, sarcastic, emotional, dumb ass, stupid etc..but I never use full name of any particular person. That is too much. Seriously.

Note IV : To K Da (Adelaide) - Send my regards to Maxime and Harsha :). I missed them!!


Win said...

Call me a cynic, but in my opinion,we need friends but in the end you are your own best friend..bila nak ke NZ? kalau sudi datang rumah ok? kak win

CAHAYA said...


People are people. Friends are friends. And sometimes we have to admit the differences and the common. Don't take it to heart what your friends said to you. Even they call you with new-not-so-nice names.

Remember bad things you did to others and don't remember what they did to you. Forgive, that's the best thing to do.

Have fun at your escapade. :) Take care.

Ms B said...

Oh dear...cheer up ok? Go get that iced chocolate.

explore the world while you can inah. it is full of possibilities.

azizi said...

expect less. nobody will never understand us. it is a common law. ;-)
do not take it hard. chill out. life is too short for those things.

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Kak Inah. Wishing you to be in the best state of health.

Yeah. We cannot expect people to understand us in and out. Sometime we do think they understand us quite well. But after sometimes, we may think otherwise.

Just live up your life the way you want it to be. Not rich, simple, emotional or whatever else you have as the pure you, just rock it on. It's all about you and your life. It's not them who are gonna pay for you, who gonna control your emotion.

Crying sometimes soothes us. Cry as much as you want. But come back as the fresh somebody that no one can break you down again!

p/s: I miss you! Enjoy you time in Hong Kong and Malaysia!

Inah said...

kak win : thanks kak win :)..g NZ end of this year nanti..will definitely drop by at ur place :)

Cahaya: FRIENDS? I learned a lot from this single word. Thanks for ur kind words dear..much appreciated :)

one thing, i do remember what are the good things I did to them and what are the bad things.. I think, all the good things are being forgotten already. It's ok..the nature of human being..when you hate the person..you will tend to forget what are the good things she/he had done to you..

a friend wouldnt ignore the other friend..that shows you dont even care of her existence anymore..

panjang pulek :P

Inah said...

msB : thanks ms B :)..today is my last day in HK :)

azizi: yeah..nobody will eventually understand us :)..dah balik malaysia ke belum ni? :)

sarah: i really love ur comment..there's something sincere in every part of your writing..come back fresh? yeah..definitely :)

i missed you too :)