25 May 2009

Day 281 : Busy bee

Hi readers :)

How was my first day?? It was hectic..heaps of work but everything is still under control :)

Looking forward for next week conference and ethics submission. Sometimes, like my dad always said..it's good to be busy :)


Nota I : I dont have any camera right now, I need one or two I guess :P (hint for a DSLR :P)

Nota II : Although I'm already 27 years old, I will always be my mum and dad's little daughter :)

Nota III : I do look sick today..perhaps it's a sign of homesick :)


CAHAYA said...

I'm always a baby to my parent. I'm 28 years old, okay. It's kinda weird because they used to teach me to be independent and all.

But now, they're asking me to stay with them. Haha. It has been more than 10 years I'm staying apart from them (I mean not in the same house). I don't know how to react.

CAHAYA said...

Err, I can't agree more with your dad. It's good to be busy. It will keep your mind out of unnecessary things. :P

Win said...

Welcome back! kak win

Inah said...

err..i dunno how to react to :)..i'm thinking of buying my own house after this..but who knows what will happen in future :)

yeah..definitely..it's good to be busy :)

k win: thanks k win!! :)

Mediviron UOA Clinic said...

sick, makan ubat!! hehe