8 June 2009

Day 295 : Meet Liam

Hello readers :)

Lama juga x berupdate kan..dah seminggu :)

Anyway, hope you guys are doing fine. Today is a public holiday in Adelaide..long weekend..so masa utk berehat :)

Just got back from St Kilda Playground..Giant see saw, slides, buaian mengadap laut..hahahahaa..paling best?? time bergelak2 with friends :D..penat sebab gelak rasanya ^_^

Wanna share you some random pics for the week :)

Wedding on the 7th of June - Congrats TT :)- mine?? i have my own target :) 

New boyfriend?? hoho..meet Liam :) (people said to me i should have my own kid coz I loved kid very much :P)

Adorable Liam :)

Missed someone in Malaysia perhaps :) (tengok langit..hahaha)

In front of Adelaide Convention Centre - Australian Science Medical Research Seminar (2th June)


Nota I : I missed doing labwork..nvm, starting 10th of June, I'll be busy with lab work :)

Nota II : There's one thing you can't buy in this world - happiness :)

Nota III : My labmates are trying to match me with single bachelors in the lab..hohoho..so funny :)..can't wait if they can match me with Grant (the most eligible bachelor in our research institution :P)


laki cikgu kimia said...

aje nye giler ber lab mike nih..

zafi said...

comey liam itu!!! nak merasa masakan.. mai sinih!!! :P

Inah said...

am : hhehehe..i feel empty bila x buat lab :P

zarul : comey kan..ni yg nak kawen mat saleh ni :P

Win said...

Salam and Hi Inah, target..hmm person or time? anyway yg penting hati mesti mau baik punye...mengusik je- kak win

Inah said...

hehehe..target - time wise :)

yeah..hati perlu baik :)

CAHAYA said...

Nota II : There's one thing you can't buy in this world - happiness :)

Money surely can't buy happiness, but you can buy things to make people happy. :) Yeah, me included.

Inah said...

:)..some said we can buy people with money and such..i believe that :)

oh well, it depends on how the individual interprets life :)

zafi said...

comey2... apa lagikkkkk carik la sorang

shahril aley said...

wah anak mat salleh ni comey gile
tapi ariesha juga jadi pujaan hati pakcik die ni
boleh kenenkan ariesha dgn liam

Jumper said...

I was hoping to see the photo of you swinging, singing and breathing the sea breeze. That's simply happiness...

Inah said...

zarul : hohoho..mana nak carik nih..susah la wei :P

aley : amboi2..nanti balik aku boleh la jumpa ariesha :P

jumper : that pics..hehe..we got it but reserve to ourselves..its so private :)

SGRMSE. said...

WHAT A CUUUUTE LITTLE BOYYYY!! =D =D Gaah, I wanna squish his cheeks!

DrSam said...

Eager to see whether the cupid works well in the lab ;)

:: NbC :: said...

wahh..! cepat, cant wait for the update of the match-make thingy.


Inah said...

whoaamello : hehehe..thanks for your visit here..yeap..liam is so damn cute :)

dr sam : hehehe..can't wait too but i managed to bump with him today :)

kak pinky : hohohoh..match-make tu dari tahun lepas..x penah nak jadi2..hahahah..we'll see what will happen with this guy :P