3 July 2009

Day 320 : Blank

Hi readers!!

I reckon everybody is anxiously waiting for the weekend to come..as for me, I have lots of things to do but out of sudden, I'm blank and in the end..I watched a few movies back to back. Started from Ice Age 3 - 3D (a must watch!!), Hannah Montana (err..you can just download it :P) and The Proposal (it was a cute movie - light and entertaining..love Ryan Reynolds!!)..overall..Ice Age 3 was the winner..compared to Transformers..I think Ice Age 3 was more superb :P.

It depends on the individual I think :). This is just my own view..I just dont like Megan Fox in Transformers..the outfit was too sexy for her..eeeeiiiwww :P

But for Ice Age..the character was superb..especially Buck (new character-inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean). He was so funny and Simon Pegg did a great job lending his voice. It turn out to be something like UK and Australian accent..which is adorable :).

Go and watch if you haven't!!


Someone said to me : Nak buat PhD, tak payah jadi budak pandai dan genius..cuma nak kena kuat semangat..I need that right now. I have to push myself but not to overdo it.


It's already July and coming to a year for me. How quick time flies. I still remember the first note that I wrote in this blog..all the sweats and tears..its nearly a year.

There's nothing I want to change about my past..everything happen for a reason and I believe as a normal human being..it's normal to make mistakes and learn from it. Previously I was too dependent with friends and now I'm proud with myself that I can stand tall and be independent..not to say I dont need friends but I learned that not all of them will stand by you through out your life.

Family and friends..these two are the most important support system you should have when you are doing your PhD in a foreign country. Those who never experienced it..they'll never know how hard to wake up every morning, how hard to be a competent PhD student, how hard it is..

It's hard to do a PhD but trust me..it's worth it :)


Nota I : Dari movie ke pengalaman buat PhD..menunjukkan kecelaruan minda :P

Nota II : I have to start writing my thesis chapter now..I have to!!

Nota III : My house inspection will be on this Monday..kena kemas rumah..lap2 tingkap, make sure semua berkilat ;)


shahril aley said...

wei apa ni nak jadi tokei cetak rompak plak ke?
ermm malas nak download2 ni
maka jawabnye tengok kat cinema je la

aku skrg ni CELARU banyak perkara
dok malaysia pun boleh rasa gak
hehehe :P

CAHAYA said...

Huhu. I'm on the same track as yours. I think Megan Foxx's character in this new sequel wasn't necessary at all. She dressed overly sexy, she sats overly curvy. And the list goes on. Guys might like it I guess. Ops!

Ice Age 3 was less 'kick' compared to 1 and 2. Maybe my mood affected the whole movie experience. :P

Btw, keep the pace you're going right now. Hope for the best!

Inah said...

aley : ko celaru kenapa? ade masalah ke?? u know where to find me :)

cahaya : err..i think so..guys might like it :P..ice age3 for me is much better than ice age 2..perhaps i really fall in love with Buck :)

keep the pace..don't stop kan :)

Lee said...

Hello Inah, Wow! Outstanding! You going for your P.hd. Wayyyyyyy to go girl! I am very impressed. Wish I had done that long ago, but malas, ha ha.
The World will be waiting for you to make your footprints.

May the wind always be at your back, and the sun upon your face, and the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

Best wishes to your great future, Lee.

Anonymous said...

erk... mau download ka.. hahaha... ni tokei sudah mari... bukan jenis bukak table haa.. kehkeh..

Faisal Admar said...

haha. i'm struggling with assignments and quiz too! damn.

sometimes you just feel like stopping time from leaving you behind so that you have more time to do everything.

yes everything include spend good time in your leisure time ;)

you're my idol.
who knows i can be like you, continue my study that far ;)

thumb up.

Inah said...

uncle lee : i'm just and average girl :)

thanks for ur nice words :)

abg gen: bilanya nak open table ni :)

faisal : hehehehe..i'm an idol?? hohoho..i'm just an average girl :)

gambate for ur study okei :)