13 July 2009

Day 330 : 11 months here :)

Hi all!!

Good morning to all..How was your weekend? I just spend my weekend in the lab (as always) but still managed to cook nasi lemak, asparagus with shitake and bingka jagung..sounds delicious..you bet!! :)

Need to get back to work now :)

Not many things to tell, perhaps i prefer not to tell every part of my life here..it's not a boring life..nor a pathetic life..simple concept ~ you have to do what you have to do :)

Can't wait for August, September, October and November to come :)


Nota I : I'm doing good - no need to worry :)

Nota II : I'm fasting today - puasa sunat bulan Rajab - ohh..i'm not the type that tangguhkan ganti puasa yang tertinggal - I was taught by my dad to gantikan puasa secepat mungkin..mana nak tahu, ajal kita sampai kan..so normally I would ganti puasa in Syawal :)

Nota III : Although I'm from city (KL) but I'm not a modern type of girl - I still have strong Islamic value..lucky me :)


laki cikgu kimia said...

modern = not islamic? apekah?

*'apekah' itu trend budak sekarang

Inah said...

apekahh?? sudah..itu trend lama..hahaha

aku buat bingka jagung..mau kah?

mimizuzuhaha said...

selamat berbuka puasa.

f. said...

nasi lemak??want some!

Inah said...

mimi : thanks :)

farid : hehehe..beli jek kat kafe tu :P

f. said...

haha.kafe x best doe.:D

Jumper said...

This morning, an office mate who just came back from Malaysia for his summer vacation was very happy to see me and he said to me, 'nasi lemak satu!' and then here you're proudly presenting your weekend nasi lemak. This is too much of torturing for me to handle. Anyway, I'm going home soon. Insyallah.

Indeed, we have to do what we have to do :-)

KNizam said...

kena selitkan gambar makanan sekali neh. hehe :)

CAHAYA said...

KL is KL, Inah. KL is a city. And doesn't mean duduk KL kena spoil kan? And pity those good ladies yang duduk KL tapi dilabel tidak berapa best.

Inah said...

farid : hahaha..susah2..pi beli kat hospital..sedap jugak ;)

jumper : yeap..we have to do what we have to do..and this word really keep my sanity now :)

knizam : err..malas pulak nak snap2 :)

cahaya : indeed..a KL girl will always be a KL girl and sometimes they often labelled as a wild girl :(