22 October 2009

Y1 D66 - A friend in need is a friend indeed

Hi everyone..and now i'm back in Adelaide..weeeee..baru 2 hari masuk lab..kemalasan x sudah..it's ok, i'm now back on track :)..have to finish up work before the ultimate trip next month ;)

Here's some pic..more pics in FB..sekarang ni pics banyak di FB..do add me if you are one of my blog reader :)

During the conference :)

I care for the owner of this cam ;) and another friend of mine..you always know who you are..don't have to mention lots of time, don't have to show off, you guys know already :)

At Floating market - Bangkok 09

Glenelg Beach - Adelaide - yesterday :)

Us @ Glenelg :)

A friend in need is a friend indeed :) - a true friend is who will help you when you need it..that is so hard to find but once you have them..do cherish and appreciate them :)


Nota I : Today ada birthday celebration for budak2 bulan Oktober..makan kek..weeee :)

Nota II : Mood memasak kembali malam ni..gulai lemak ikan kering & daging goreng & ulam2 - memang wallaaahh :)

Nota III : Hari ni kembali masuk lab..rasa lama pulak tak meluangkan masa dalam makmal tercinta..ohhh, i missed my cells, my lab gown, my DNA, my protein samples..errr..am i becoming a mad scientist..perhaps :P


DrSam said...

stunning pic...the beach at night.

CAHAYA said...

cantiknya gambar.

True enough what you've said. I missed my school friends where everyone is so pure and transparent.

f. said...

boring nye without u at home..>< n miss those ingeniously crunchy pods too,haha

Inah said...

dr sam : kredit to my friend..he shoot the photo :)

cahaya : yeah..i missed them too..sigh :|

farid: missed me :)..somehow people will tend to appreciate when they lose them ..think bout it :)

good luck for ur final exam :)