26 October 2009

Y1 D70 : It's not the end yet

Tricky question I got today

Same question, different situation

Situasi I

Eva : Will you stay here after your PhD? Will you apply for a job here?

Me : Nope..I'll go back home. I don't have anyone here.

Eva : You always have me.


Situasi II

Penny : Are you going to apply for Post Doc here?

Me : Nope, I'll go back home. I don't have anyone here.

Penny : You always have us.


Situasi III

Steve : When is your due date?

Me : 2011

Steve : Will you be working here?

Me : I have a permanent job in Malaysia. I have to go back.

Steve : Really?

Me : Yeah :)


Kenapa sume tanya pasal nak abih PhD ni..baru setahun, lagi 2 tahun nak abis..huhuhu. Hope I'll get there :).

Nota I : Kawan2 kat sini sweet jugak :)

Nota II : Err..sehari satu entry? Cubaan bersungguh2 :P

Nota III : Skipped my lunch today..bila la pantry ni nak siap..boley masak2 :)


Liyana said...

Thanks for dropping by. Kalau tak, bertambah sikit Malaysians kat KI ni. Anyway, ilmu di mana2 kan.Good luck with yr PhD too. :)

Inah said...

thanks sis :)