27 October 2009

Y1 D71 : She crossed my mind

While waiting for the bus, suddenly she crossed my mind

Who is she??

She is the cutest in the family

She stayed quite far...i've been watching her progress just in my brother's blog..listening to mum's story, haven't got a chance to chat with her..perhaps she don't even remember me :(.

But she crossed my mind today. Hope she's fine.

My niece and her new sister :)


Nota I - Will I be a good mom one day?

Nota II - Can I be one?

Nota III - I hope I will be a good wife and mom :). It won't cause you any harm to have a dream in your life.


zafi said...

so adorable!

CAHAYA said...

sweet. m sure you'll be a good mom. ;)

Inah said...

zarul : indeed she is :)

cahaya : thanks dear :)

f. said...

hoho mana dpt gmbo 2