9 November 2009

Y1 D83 - Hot Monday

Salam semua?

How was your day? Mine was so and so..eksperimen tak jadi..suppose to spin cells at 1400 rpm, i spun them over at 14 000 rpm..haihh..what am i thinking??..lucky thing someone pointed it out..it's always hard to troubleshoot experiments :)..i remember during my masters, i spent almost 8 months just to develop ames test in our lab..and finally the test is up and running now..thank God :)

Today also I finally submitted my paper to my sv..hope my sv will enjoy reading it and not having any headache..despite the difficulties, i managed to write 5000 words article..what an effort..it's hard when u suppose to criticise ur work and compare with others without doing any plagiarism..

Talking bout plagiarism..kecoh beberapa minggu ni mengenai isu plagiarism blog yang kian menjadi2..ingatkan para akademik je yang slalu memplagiat artikel dan pelajar slalunya memplagiat bahan rujukan dari google untuk tugasan yang diberikan..hoh..blog pun ade nak plagiat..isu blog chika..dan baru2 ni..blog i-chimera, blog ceeramoon pula ade yang menyamar menjadi dirinya dalam FB..macam2 lah :)

Macam ni lah..we are who we are..that makes us special..try to write anything that will make you happy without copying the others..do it on your own and the satisfaction is yours..


Nota I : Bumi Adelaide menggelegakk..suhu mencapai 40C ..sepatutnya musim bunga..ni dah masuk musim panas..adoyaiii :(

Nota II : Shark was found at Adelaide beach and managed to bite one of the swimmer..haishh...bahaya nihh

Nota III : Tomorrow will be a longggg day for me..nak start keje awal..kena tdo awal..nite2 people!! :)

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