10 November 2009

Y1 D84 - When you feel you want to give up

Sometimes you might feel that you want to give up..

Sometimes you might feel that you're stupid

Sometimes you might questioned yourself..what are you doing actually..sleepless night, out of comfort zone, being called as sloppy..sigh..

Being a PhD student is very tough..muka kena tebal..motivasi kena tinggi..hope this journey will turn into something in the future

It's already 7 pm and I'm in the lab since 545 am..it's already more than 12 hours..still I have to wait for my incubation time and I can go back by 830 pm..what a loong day..

Whenever I'm thinking of giving up, I always think bout my parents..how proud they are with me..hope they can come here for my graduation..yeap..this will keep me going..tears? absolutely..i'm tired..

so tired..

Tired of my babblings? What can I do..this is one of the place for my escapism..can't wait for next week - holiday @ nz ;)

Till then..

Have a great day everyone..hope you won't feel as tired as I am :)


laki cikgu kimia said...

tired of waitin. how bout that? :(

CAHAYA said...

jangan give-up. I know you're strong gal. ;)

Inah said...

am : sudah2..lagi 20 hari je kan :)

cahaya : thanks babe :)