11 November 2009

Y1 D85 : Someone likes me

Hi everyone!!

How was your day? Mine was so and so again..experiments still tak jadi..i need to sit down and think..maybe not sit down..when to rundle mall..change money to nz dollar..drink bubble tea @ David Jones and frozen coke @ Myer..manage to cool myself..

Tomorrow will have few meetings..hope everything will be fine :)..someone said to me..PhD journey is like a rollercoaster..a bumpy road..nak rasa?? try to do a PhD :)..especially in science field..

Anyway..something cheer up my day today..

My labmate said to me..there's someone likes me..do you want to know who??

New boyfriend perhaps??

Naahh.. :)

It's Tilly :)..my sweet friend :P


Nota I : I believe I can solve everything..this is Razinah and she can manage everything although she's a bit disorganized :P

Nota II : I love kids..I do :)

Nota III : Our nz trip will be 2 weeks..covering north island and south island :)


zafi said...

nak naik roller costerrrr!!

Liyana said...

Tilly bergaya eh! Siap sunglasses with a tote bag :)

Inah said...

zarul : meh meh ;)

sis : heh..tilly mmg bergaya ;)