22 December 2009

Y1 D140 : Short Entry

- While everybody is busy with shopping..I'm busy with experiments ;)

- Planning timeline for zinc trial study and looks like I can only go back by end of the year (2010)..such a loong time :|

- Congrats to all my friend who will receive their MSc degree today :)

- What is your new year resolution? Mine is heaps..one of them is to have someone to talk to..specifically, a male..hahahahaha :P..maybe I got one already *winks*

- Convocation is something special for a student..can't wait for my convocation in 2012..hopefully..amin :)

- Happy birthday in advance to Farid..what do u want for your birthday this year?

- Looking back last year, I can write up to 37 entry per month and now..my average is 10 entry per month..and for December..this is the fifth entry..hohoho :P

- Entry sungguh pendek and ringkas..maybe because I have to learn to simplify the way I wrote something ;)


IamYonna said...

weeeeeeee akak konvo 2012 ye? hehe cantik number tu. yonna kagum lah akak gigih belajar sampai ke tahap ni :) minat yonna utk belajar dah campak ke hujung dunia dah T__T

good luck 4 everything kak :)

aShaBuLz said...

gudluck for u sis. strive in what u believe in.

p/s: u can always talk to me... ;b

dr itu! said...

gudluck kak inah! wish u all the best! xlama 2012 tue...teruskan usaha! amin.

Anonymous said...


selamat tahun baru & selamat belajar..insayAlllah convo 2012 tu..

catz said...

happy new year Inah.

Inah said...

yonna : thanks dear :)

ashabulz : hehehe..can i talk to u ;)..x pe2..nanti akak carik ;)

kimi : thanks dear :)..good luck in ur studies too!!

bro myfisol : thanks bro..harap semuanya dipermudahkan untk saya :)

catz : thanks dear..knowing u is such a bless..hope we can still be friends ;)