3 April 2010

Y1 D240 : Life is ??

Hi everyone!!

How was life? I'm good..still busy in the lab (as usual)..writing, experiments, social commitments *winks* :)

Somehow I missed my emotional writings..looking back, there are no more emotional writing or anger management sort of writing etc..perhaps Adelaide has taught me to be tougher day by day :)..

It's Easter here and 4 days of holidays..for me, more work to do as volunteers for my human study will start coming in this Tuesday..more experiments, more writings..

One thing I learned here, what goes around comes around..

Enough of my babbling, need to focus on my list of things to do :)

Till next time,

Take care everyone!! 


To the Infinity and Beyond - Fringe Adelaide 2010 :)


Ms B said...

*grins* how big are those things? Must have caught the attention of many!

Sometimes it is good to be able to detach our feelings. Hope u had a relaxing Easter break. *smiles*

Anonymous said...

eh benda alah tu belon ke?

tolong kempiskan pastu isi dalam beg and pos ke johor.. boleh?


serius kiyut siot.

Unknown said...

hehe yeh

that is good lah

life is good then kalau tak perlu emo kat blog :D