29 April 2010

Y1 D266 : Passionate

Hi everyone!! 

Watched new episode of Amazing Race and Masterchef Australia just now and wish how can I travel around the world or cook something nice for family and friends...gosh..these two things are really my passion and something that can make me smile :)

Mad Scientist Vs Housewife Vs Backpackers ;)

That is me..started to know myself a bit more now :)

My dad always said to me..being passionate is good..
My supervisor said to me..being dispassionate is good..

I guess..depends on the situation ;)


On the other note, went for journal club and we discussed about multivitamin and breast cancer risk..a group in Sweden discovered that usage of multivitamin can increase  breast cancer risk..well, too many arguments on this..just make sure everything is in moderate..even veges and fruits..yes, vitamin can cause toxicity to your body as well..too low or too much is not good for you..

View of Hong Kong - 2008 (kredit to M)


CAHAYA said...

i love traveling. tapi kena tangguh dulu sebab duit tak berapa nak ada. now kewangan dah kukuh sikit so boleh la start balik. ;) apa2 pun, being passionate ada baik dan buruknya. yang penting, kita tahu limit kita walaupun orang selalu cakap 'go beyond the limit'. asalkan tahu limit kepada limit tu, dah okay rasanya. ;)

Win said...

Salam n Hi Inah,

A friend of mine who finished his phd from the UK 2 years back once told me ` you have to have a passion for your study/research' while stressing on the word passion ardently.

Inah said...

cahaya : maybe one day we can travel together ;)

kak win : yeap..being passionate with ur research is important to keep you going :)