16 September 2010

Y2 D32 : Hari raya ke 5

Hi everyone!!

Today I spent my day at Faculty..gosh I didn't realized how much I missed teaching, evaluating students etc etc..met with my boss, my big boss and of course my two best friends (CK and EL).

My big boss challenged me to finish on time and said that he published 9 papers for his PhD. I said, I can do 5 probably within 3 years and 6 months. He asked me to do 3 and finish within 3 years. I said ok!!..WTH!! I said OK!! Perhaps I can actually do it if I focus and keep up my motivation :).

Just realized something..banyaknyaaaaaaaaaa cerita hantu in TV..i wonder why..rancangan Tv for raya is for whole family right?? Why there are so many ghost stories?? Susuk, Histeria, Congkak, Jangan Pandang Belakang, Sundel Bolong etc etc..OMG..please choose a better TV program for the whole family..

Another 4 days to go..tight schedule ahead of me :)..

Satay AU5 - checked
Keropok lekor - mana nak carik time raya ni..sigh :(
Mee goreng mamak - checked
Ayam penyet - ok..need to go to either Wangsa walk or Wong Solo
Nasi lemak sambal kerang - sigh..mana penjual nasi lemak niii..x balik lagi ke....

And the list will go on and on and on..Till then..take care everyone :)


CAHAYA said...

wah ayam penyet! I pun ngidam ni. Hehe.

Ms B said...

Hv u found your nasi lemak seller? When I went back two months ago, the place that used to sell nasi lemak kerang had stopped making them. Thankfully I found another place, even nicer. :D

Anonymous said...

salam..selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin..hantu2 memang banyak raya tahun ni...jadi hati2..

Inah said...

cahaya : i dah makan kat the curve..enjoy ur raya :)

ms B : yeap..found my nasi lemak seller..still good as it is :)..how r u Ms B? hope u're doing fine :)

jejakalkindi : slamat hari raya kembali..terima kasih atas peringatan..saya dah kembali ke Adelaide :)