1 October 2010

Y2 D49 : Happy Birthday to me

Now..no more sadness, no more gloomy days..inah is back to conquer the lab..sigh..so many things to do if i want to finish on time..it's ok..i'll try my hardest :)

Life is here is not that bad now..spring is here. End of daylight saving begins this Sunday..no more 1 hour and a half difference, it will be 2 hours and a half..

What's more..ohh..It's my birthday (011010..nice number)..thought wanna celebrate or watch movies but unfortunately I'll have meetings at two different place today..heh..student's life..what do u expect :)

Anyway, happy birthday to me..hope I'll become a better person day by day..have a blessed life ahead of me..InsyaAllah :)


FakirFikir said...

kira semalam tu sambutan hari jadi hang la..ha ha

mimizuzuhaha said...

happy birthday.
semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki.