2 October 2010

Y2 D50 : Sharing my thought

Hi everyone!!

I'm doing thesis and paper writing at the moment..need to publish at least 2 more papers to secure my thesis. Doing thesis writing is hard but to know that a few has failed to complete their PhD is harder. I am so worried with myself, expectations are high, hope I can prove something in my thesis, something novel.

In the midst of doing this boring process, I accidentally found TeacherShida on you tube. Haihh..what a teacher. My dad used to be a teacher, and now my brother continued the legacy. Myself and second brother also doing teaching as well. We are in the same line basically. Being a teacher is the most respectful job and a noble thing to do. My humble opinion thinks that this you tube thing is too much. Dancing, singing, miming..and the whole world can view that. I wonder what she is trying to prove. Despite that, I respect her for having a very high level of confidence and being sporting but..I dunno..everyone has different opinion and views on this.

My brother always have problem in English writing and often asked me how to write in a good English. I guessed the best answer is to start writing without worrying about the grammar. Read a lot and see how the author throw their ideas, it would help..trust me.


Started to feel dizzy and cold. Fever again..sigh..

I missed having intellectual discussion with AR. Gosh..Finish your exam quickly!!then we can discuss about mind reading :)


My FB wall is full with all the warm wishes and dua'..thanks a bunch..:)

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Gina said...

Salam Inah
I think first time jumpa Inah masa di Klemzig Park, one of MYPSA punya fuction..I was cracking my brains out siapa yer, muka macam familiar..rupanya nie kwan Lily Lensa, baru la perasan