22 December 2010

Y2 D132 : End of December

Hi everyone!!

Gosh..it's already end of December and here I am, still alive in Adelaide :)

How was life? Mine was so and so..not too bad :)

2010 has been a good year for me..ada part depress, ada part sedih, but ada juga part gembira..

Starting off with conducting my human study, been busy in the lab..decision making, meetings every week..at the beginning, i was so tired with the routine..waking up early in the morning and finished late at midnight. In the end, its all worth it :)

Publications? I've got a paper accepted..weeeeee :) :)..Second paper will be out soon and third paper still in draft..hope I can do my thesis by publication :)

Seminar? Not much this year..presented my poster @ local seminars..maybe next year I'll go for international seminar..perhaps because I was so busy with my human study this year..can't find the time to go (excuses :P)

Social life? Well, how do I begin? Somehow, in life..there will be a turning point..I'm enjoying myself in the gym now. Moved house..started new lifestyle (more healthy and physically fit lifestyle)..started to climb hills and water falls here in Adelaide and even in Canberra..will start to jog as well.. Give me one year to change!! I have a mission to be accomplished..so do support me this time :)

In terms of relationship? hmmm..it's always hard with this part..shall I say, let it be? We will see how it goes..Enough to say, I'm enjoying my single adulthood life here :)..that doesn't mean that I don't want a family..well..we'll see :)

What else? Enough of me? Let's just enjoy the picture. I do hope everyone will enjoy their 2010. Another 8 days to go!!

Cherry picking

Civic centre @ Canberra

Scenic Dam @ Canberra

On the way climbing Black Mountain @ Canberra

Telstra tower @ Black Mountain, Canberra

Miniature Garden @ Canberra

Parliament house @ Canberra

Wall of honor @ war memorial, Canberra

View from war memorial, canberra

Till then, take care!! 



mama_azizara said...

what a panoramic view! heh

eh...inah amik course ape kat sane? biomed lagi ke?

Inah said...

amik phd in nutrigenomics :)