9 January 2011

Y2 D150 : Weight issues

Hi everyone!!

Today just wanna share my opinion about how to lose weight. Weight issue is always a problem for me. I've never been a small kid since standard 1. Been bullied, teased, can't really join physical activity..yet I use my other advantage..to study smart and to learn how to play chess. In the end, I was very good with chess and my study..I've overcome my fear of being overweight.

In my secondary school, I was overweight as well..but because my dad was a teacher in the same school, I was safe from being bullied. Still, the fear of being myself is always there, low self esteem, low self confidence..name it..I have it all. How do I cope? I tend to study harder and do like a study group and additional class for my other friends. I've become a teacher for them and simplifying things is my strength. I can easily teach add maths and chemistry by using simpler examples and understand biology as I really like these subject. I've became best student in my school and was offered to do short term matriculation.

Matriculation and uni years? I'm still obese and overweight. But I know what is my strength now and people come to me asking me to teach them. I feel needed and important to my friends. But still, relationships is not working for me. The reason is I'm obese. I tend to chat a lot in mIRC, go for blind dates and still I can't get the right person to love me for who I am. Pity me I guess.

Masters? I was doing my masters and finally got a job in UKM. Initially, I've got offer from USM Kubang Kerian as well but UKM seems to be a better place for me at that time. To get a job, it's not easy..people always asked to me lose weight. Well, I'm not applying for stewardess or admin job, I was applying for Reseacrh Officer. Sigh. The interviewers do not see my brain at that time and I feel so depressed, ashamed with myself. Lucky that applying for tutor was much better option for me. They look for my results and my brain, which are my strength at the moment.

I finished my masters and went to Adelaide in 2008. Still being obese, I was diagnosed with Diabetes type II in July 2010. Since my mum and dad got the same disease, genetic do play a role here and worst thing is being overweight. Went back home for Raya in October 2010 and looking at my mum having to take 10 tablets per day for her diabetic treatment and my dad who was dealing with his cataract, I promise to myself, I will fight my disease.

Since November 2010, I joined a ladies gym here in Adelaide and since then my life changed. I hired a Personal Trainer and she actually did a good job by nagging me almost every week, checked my food diary and assessed my fitness level. I began to like exercise and I hope I won't turn back to what I am before. Past is past. We learned form the past and prepare for the future. After 2 months intensive training in the gym, I've lost 10 kg. No need to wear any corset, any magic juice, any special medication (I'm a bit skeptical with all these things). To lose weight, the rules are simple; eat less, train hard!!. My blood glucose also is normal now..Yeay!! So people, do support me in my weight loss journey..and yes, if I have put my aim, I'll be so determined to finish it strong. 

Conclusion of the story, It's not easy to deal with weight issue, it's harder to lose weight..however, it's not something impossible. But, you will need a good support system. Rule of thumb, do tell your friend that you're serious about this and ask for their support.

Till then, support me yea!! XOXO


aShaBuLz said...

hehe....all the best sis!! I support u!! yeehaa!!

Ms B said...

congrats inah!!! it's good to be leading healthy lifestyle, and in your case, it plays a vital role.

azizi said...

keep it up!
*hard for me to say no to all nice meals :-)

Mohd Hisham Mohd Sharif said...

Teruskan Inah! Sucess is for those who keep striving(not starving).

and don't forget to put 'becoming a better muslimah' agenda in 2011

How to become a better muslimah?
definitely not just by reading Quran a lot, but it's a great start

Inah said...

ashabulz : heh..thanks dear :)

msB : thanks ms B :)..it's always hard to start (make the first move) :P

azizi : hehe..tulah..bila ada makanan sedap..kena amik sedikit je utk rasa..my friends pun dah faham :)

abeyam : definitely!! a better muslimah it is :) p/s..don't tell mum about i'm having diabetes :P

Tina said...

Well done. Keep it up, you CAN do it. - Tina Barkly St.