29 June 2010

Y1 D318 : Tasmania - Mysterious Island

Hi all,

Just got back from Tasmania..freezing cold!!

Tasmania was so awesome!! Cold, just like New Zealand..very peaceful :)

Cascade Brewery

Mt Wellington

Cadbury Factory

Richmond Bridge

Port Arthur


Tahune airwalk

Mt Wellington

It's been a great journey :)..

Can't wait for next one in two months time :)


Summary of my Tasmania adventure

- Tasmania is freezing cold - 7 degrees to 3 degrees..and it can be 2 degrees up at the Mount Wellington
- Makanan halal? - susah skit..seafood for sure..don't forget to eat Tasmanian salmon..fresh and yummilicious!!
- Transport? - don't expect public transport here..drive and make sure you have a co pilot to navigate you around
- Accomodation? - stay somewhere outskirt - cari suburb yang jauh dengan Hobart city..if you have more money..that's fine
- Must go places?? - Salamanca, Cadbury factory and Port Arthur..if you have more time..do go to Huon trail and Wineglass bay

Till then..



CAHAYA said...

hehe. mata nampak coklat je. :P

Yonna said...

kedburi fektori! T___________T

akak,kasi besar la gambar :p nak tgk puas2. al maklumlah. mesti takkan dpt jejak sana sob sob

Yonna said...

err kakak.yonna ni tau :D

Anonymous said...

nice pictures..nice place..teringin nak pergi..

Shannon (Giraffe Days) said...

Hi I just found your blog while looking for something on Google ... I'm from Tassie (living in Toronto these days), and I had to laugh when you said how cold it is there - I would happily exchange Toronto's -25 degrees and snow in winter for Tassie's 2-10 degrees!

But I'm happy you loved it so much, because I do too, and I miss it heaps. Loved the pics :)